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2020 Workshop Recordings


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Pre-flight check: Moving from course preparation to take-off

Now that you’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing for online course delivery, it’s time to put that work into flight and engage with your students. This session will bring together the essential course components and settings in checklist fashion. You’ll see how everything looks and works in a model course, along with a companion checklist for your own course. This session assumes participants are acquainted with Canvas, Zoom, and UD Capture.

Shari Galgano and Jamie Summerfield, IT-Academic Technology Services

See this session’s companion Canvas course, open to the UD community, for additional information.

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Take Your Canvas Course to the Next Level

Interested in advanced Canvas topics? This workshop will build on the basic Canvas features and explore tools for collaboration and assessment in greater detail. This workshop assumes that you already familiar with the topics covered in the Up and Running in Canvas course.

Beth Cartwright, IT-Academic Technology Services

The Canvas Gradebook

Still trying to understand how assignments, grades, and weighting all work together to calculate final grades? In this workshop, you will learn how to configure a grading scheme for your course so that Canvas can do the calculations for you and explore the gradebook tools and settings.

Beth Cartwright, IT-Academic Technology Services

Canvas Assignments – More than the Basics

Looking to move beyond the basic assignment? In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of assignments you can create in Canvas, how to collect, grade and manage assignments, and how to add rubrics and peer review.

Beth Cartwright, IT-Academic Technology Services


Canvas Quizzes – More Than the Basics

Looking to create more complex quizzes? In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of quiz questions and quiz options and how to organize your questions in banks.

Beth Cartwright, IT-Academic Technology Services


Organize Your Canvas Course Content

Students want courses that are easy to navigate! In this workshop, you will learn how to use Canvas Files, Pages, and Modules to organize your course – by units, weeks, or any structure that suits your organizational style to help students effortlessly find and use your course materials.

Beth Cartwright, IT-Academic Technology Services


Group and Collaborative Work in Canvas

Empower your students to work effectively in groups! In this workshop, you will learn how to create and assign groups, monitor and assess group work, create discussions, and collaborations.

Beth Cartwright, IT-Academic Technology Services


Build Canvas Communities Using Yellowdig Engage

Yellowdig uses community-building technology in tandem with a dynamic point system to establish vibrant learning communities in your course. By engaging students and automatically tracking their participation, less of your time is spent grading individual posts. By changing student behavior and rewarding meaningful participation, these communities become a valuable part of the course experience. This workshop will demonstrate how to set up a Yellowdig community and to integrate it into your Canvas course. We’ll discuss teaching and learning implications to ensure you make the most of the Yellowdig Engage platform.

Erin Sicuranza, IT-Academic Technology Services

  • Presentation Slides
  • Note: this 1-hr presentation is followed by a vibrant Q&A period with faculty currently using Yellowdig and those considering the adoption of this discussion tool.


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Live, Asynchronous Proctoring with the UD Online Testing Center & ProctorU

This session will discuss considerations for planning proctored exams for courses during the Fall 2020 semester. We will go over the available proctoring options, the types of proctoring systems available, the process of working with UD Online Testing Center and ProctorU, preparing your online exams, and tips for communicating effectively with students about exam expectations. UD Online Testing Center staff will be available to take questions.

Aviva Heyn, Digital Learning, Professional & Continuing Studies, UD Online

Tracy Branigan, Testing Center, Professional & Continuing Studies, UD Online



Zoom Basics: Set-up your recurring classes

Learn Zoom basics, set-up your recurring classes, and become familiar with the video conference teaching tool you’ll be using this fall. Break up content-driven lectures through screen-sharing, chat monitoring, and recognizing raised hand icons.

Stacy Weile, IT-Academic Technology Services


Zoom Advanced Topics: Breakout rooms, Polls, and Whiteboard

Take your Zoom classroom beyond content delivery and basic interactions. Add engagement to your course through activities utilizing Breakout rooms, Polls, the Whiteboard, and more.

Stacy Weile, IT-Academic Technology Services


Document Cameras In Classroom

Document cameras allow you to project and write on, or otherwise manipulate, objects — whether paper, books, or chemical models — to improve the student learning experience. Delivered from Gore Hall, this session demonstrates how to hook-up a document camera in the classroom, use an iPad instead of a blackboard, and tips for displaying to in-person and Zoom participants.

July Dricken and Robert Burnham, Classroom Technology, IT-University Media Services


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Understanding Multicultural Education: Strategies for Curriculum & Pedagogy

In our time together, we will begin to explore the intentional work of multicultural education and the implications it has for our curricular and pedagogical decisions. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to thoughtful and intentionally approach culturally-responsive teaching and engage students in productive and thoughtful dialogue with regard to seemingly challenging topics, including race, sex, and gender

Adam Foley, Diversity Education, Assessment, & Outreach, Office of Equity & Inclusion


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Office of the Registrar: Class Rosters and Grading

This session will cover checking rosters in the UDSIS Faculty Center, the faculty no-show notification period, and grading (mid-terms and final grading).

Sarah Foster, Office of the Registrar


Common Reader Book Club

The fall 2020 Common Reader is “Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen,” by Jose Antonio Vargas. Register to join the discussion on August 25th from 10:00-11:00am. This event is sponsored by the University of Delaware First Year Seminar.

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