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Falls and Mobility Laboratory

Under the direction of Dr. Jeremy Crenshaw, the Falls and Mobility Laboratory used in the STAR Health Sciences Complex  safely mimic slips and trips, like those on ice, to learn how to better stabilize your body and prevent harm during falls.

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Fall 2018: UD STAR Tower

In addition to our gait labs, virtual reality cave, and collaborative workspaces in the STAR center, Fall 2018 will see 2 new floors of KAAP labs & teaching spaces.

Learn more about the STAR Tower.

VR Cave for Balance Control Testing

A virtual reality cave has arrived at the STAR Health Sciences Complex! The CoBaL Lab research team, led by Dr. John Jeka, investigates how the nervous system uses sensory information (vision, inner ear) to estimate body dynamics and guide motor processes for upright balance control. 

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Biomechanics Injury Prvention Program

University of Delaware researchers have partnered with the Wilmington University women’s soccer team to study the FIFA 11+ injury prevention program.

Learn more about the Ph.D. Program in Biomechanics & Movement Science.

Tracking a healthy heart

Take a look into the Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab to learn how a VO2 max test and EKG can measure heart activity.

Learn more about the M.S. Program in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Figure Skaters Look for Competitive Edge in Biomechanics Analysis

More than 60 figure skaters – including many of the United States’ top competitors – have made their way to the University of Delaware’s ice rinks over the past decade. Prompted by the U.S. Figure Skating Association and their coaches, they hope to find a competitive edge in the unique biomechanical analysis done by Dr. Jim Richards.

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2017 NATA – Sensor Technology

Professor Dr. Thomas Kaminski will be presenting at the 2017 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Clinical Symposia & AT Expo.

Learn more about the Athletic Training Education Program.

Biomechanics of Pitching

Testing the effect of pitching on the shoulder and elbow of youth athletes. Learn how the arm muscles, ligaments and bone adapt to throwing by studying ultra sound and motion capture data.

Learn more about the Ph.D. Program in Biomechanics & Movement Science.

Repetitive Head Impacts in Ice Hockey

Dr. Thomas Buckley and his students study the role of repetitive head impacts through an ice hockey season, by monitoring gait and balance, and tracking sub-concussive hits via helmet telemetry devices worn through practices and home games.

Learn more about the Concussion Research Laboratory.

Measuring Head Impact in Football

Under the direction of Dr. Thomas Buckley, Ph.D. Candidate Melissa DiFabio shows off the Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System used to measure forces behind a hit.

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National Biomechanics Day

Graduate students opened seven of their research labs at the STAR Health Sciences Complex to 200 local high schoolers for National Biomechanics Day, giving demonstrations of their work, ranging from motion analysis to robotics to concussion research.