Step One:   College of Health Science students now have access to schedule advising appointments with their major advisor in the Blue Hen Success Collaborative system. This system will replace the UDSIS appointment

Step Two:   From the home page, click Get Advising.


Step Three:   Click through the Schedule Advising Appointment workflow:

  • Reason – select Academic Advising; select reason (e.g. Advising: Assigned Advisor)
  • Location – select College of Health Science Advisor’s Office
  • Advisor – select advisor; your assigned advisor will be indicated as (Your Advisor)

Step Four:  Select Appointment time or Walk-in Time

  • Appointment – If your advisor has created Appointment availability, click into blue availability blocks to select the desired appointment time; proceed through the appointment workflow including entering optional comments and confirming the appointment.
  • Walk-In time – If your advisor has created Walk-in availability, click into the View Walk-in Times to see details of their office hours and locations. Please note that walk-in hours are subject to change.

Step Five:  As with any system, remember to Logout when you’re done utilizing the BHSC platform.

Other BHSC Platform Reminders:


  1. Select Student Groups Only: Student access is being implemented in a phased rollout. Your friends or roommates in other colleges do not likely have access to this platform yet. Additionally, if you change majors to a new college, that new advisor will not likely be using this system for advising appointments

2.  Assignments: Another group of students with BHSC platform access are Student Athletes. The Student Athlete advisors utilize a feature called Assignments.  If you see Assignments listed in the platform, it is not necessarily a complete or accurate snapshot of your assignments Always refer to your course syllabi for assignment details.


3.  Get Tutoring – Coming Soon: The Get Tutoring button is a feature you will see within the BHSC platform. This service is NOT yet available to College of Health Science students in the platform.  Visit the following site for tutoring options –