Undergraduate Programs

Exercise Science – BS

The Exercise Science major provides students with an outstanding educational experience that prepares them for careers in the health professions or health sciences. This is primarily a pre-professional program, preparing students for subsequent clinical, graduate, or professional programs. An Honors Degree option is available.

Exercise Science BS:  Program Details 
Program Director:  Christopher Knight

Human Physiology – BS

The Human Physiology major is intended for students interested in careers in medicine, biomedical research, industry or other allied health professions for which a comprehensive knowledge of human physiology is required. Students can achieve all of the necessary prerequisite requirements for admission into medical and dental schools and be prepared to take the applicable entrance exams. The curriculum is intentionally demanding with the goal of providing the next generation of leaders in the health sciences with foundational knowledge in human physiological function at the molecular, cellular and organism level. An Honors Degree option is available.

Human Physiology BS:  Program Details 
Program Director:  Christopher Martens

Sports Health – BS

Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities in athletes as well as physically active populations. Listed as one of the “Top 10” fastest growing occupations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, athletic training is a pathway to an exciting career as a skilled healthcare professional.

Athletic Training BS:  Program Details 
Program Director:  Thomas Kaminski

Exercise Science – Minor

This minor is designed for students in majors outside of the department of Kinesiology & Applied Physiology who are planning careers in the health sciences and clinical fields and who wish to acquire knowledge regarding the mechanical, neurological, and physiological aspects of exercise.

Exercise Science Minor:  Program Details 
Program Director:  Todd Royer

Strength & Conditioning – Minor

This minor is designed to provide students with in-depth understanding of the theory and practical considerations associated with physical training to enhance strength and conditioning. Students successfully completing the minor will be prepared to take the Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification examination offered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

Strength & Conditioning Minor:  Program Details 
Program Director:  Jeffery A. Schneider