Dr. Jeka, chairperson of the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, recently presented two seminar talks at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), in Bangalore, India. IISc is considered the leading science university in India. He was invited as part of the Pratiksha Brain Computation and Data Science initiative, which began in 2015. The initiative’s mission is to foster intense research collaboration leading to capacity building, ecosystem creation and high impact research outcomes in brain, computation and data science in IISc and India. Jeka’s seminars were titled “Multisensory Fusion and System Identification of Human Postural Control” and “A Computational Model of Human Locomotion: How We Stay Upright while Walking.” The participating departments and centers of IISc include: Computer Science and Automation, Computational and Data Sciences, Center for Neuroscience, Electrical Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, Mathematics and Molecular Biophysics. Jeka was invited by Shihab Shamma, professor from the University of Maryland who is a visiting chair professor at the IISc.