James G. Richards

Professional Experience

  • 2003-2019, University of Delaware, College of Health Sciences Distinguished Professor
  • 2013-2015, University of Delaware, Vice Provost, Graduate and Professional Education
  • 2008-2009, University of Delaware, Deputy Dean, College of Health Sciences
  • 2004-2008, University of Delaware, Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences
  • 1995-2000, University of Delaware, Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomechanics and Movement Sciences
  • 1995-2003, University of Delaware, Professor, Department of Exercise Science
  • 1985-1995, University of Delaware, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory
  • 1980-1985, University of Delaware, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education
  • 1979-1980, Indiana University, Lecturer, School of HPERD

James G. Richards
Emeritus Professor


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