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This author discusses the way that large numbers of ants tend to come together into groups in order to move large objects. This process is called cooperative transport and is used by almost every species of ants on the planet. The authors of this journal argue that we can learn a lot from the efficiency of this collaboration and that ants are an underutilized resource when figuring out new and more efficient ways to conduct the four phases of cooperative transport which are decision, recruitment, organization, and transport. This author uses many sources in order to elaborate on the four stages of cooperative transport and support his argument regarding further research into how ants work as a group to complete larger tasks.

This article provides new insight regarding the way that the ant community comes together and works as a unit in order to accomplish larger tasks and raised the question of what else this allows them to do and how can some colonies or species be more efficient than others. I found this works cited page to be very useful and lead to many more relevant and helpful sources. This could come in handy while typing up my actual essay. This research could be useful in making my own points when talking about how ants can be useful by effecting more than just the environment by being an aid to science while studying group movements and cooperative transport.


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