Experimental Characterization of the Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Dynamics by Solid-State NMR
Alexander A. Malar, Morgane Callon, Albert A. Smith, Shishan Wang, Lauriane Lecoq, Carolina Perez-Segura, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla, Anja Bockmann, and Beat H. Meier
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2021, 8, 807577.

A Subset of Fluorophores is Responsible for Radiation-Brightening in Viromimetic Particles
Arathi Anil Sushma, Bingqing Zhao, Irina Tsvetkova, Carolina Perez-Segura, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla, James Reilly, and Bogdan Dragnea
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2021, 125(37), 10494-10505.

Molecular dynamics of the viral life cycle: Progress and prospects
Peter Eugene Jones, Carolina Perez-Segura, Alexander J. Bryer, Juan R. Perilla, and Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla
Current Opinion in Virology 2021, 50, 128-138.

Integrative Structural Biology of HIV-1 Capsid Protein Assemblies: Combining Experiment and Computation
Juan R. Perilla, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla, Angela M. Gronenborn, and Tatyana Polenova
Current Opinion in Virology 2021, 48, 57-64.

All-Atom MD Simulations of the HBV Capsid Complexed with AT130 Reveals Secondary and Tertiary Structural Changes and Mechanisms of Allostery
Carolina Perez-Segura, Boon Chong Goh, and Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla
Viruses 2021, 13(4), 564.


Scalable Analysis of Authentic Viral Envelopes on FRONTERA
Fabio Gonzalez-Arias, Tyler Reddy, John E. Stone, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla*, and Juan R. Perilla*
* Corresponding authors
Computing in Science and Engineering (2020) 22(6), 11-20.

Coronavirus through Delaware’s Computational Microscope
Carolina Perez-Segura, Nidhi Katyal, Fabio Gonzalez-Arias, Alexander J. Bryer, Juan R. Perilla, and Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla
Delaware Journal of Public Health (2020) 6(2A), 6-9.

TactViz: A VMD plugin for tactile visualization of protein structures
Olivia R. Shaw and Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla
Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities (2020) 23, 14.

The integrity of the intradimer interface of the hepatitis B virus capsid protein dimer regulates capsid self-assembly
Zhongchao Zhao, Joseph Che-Yen Wang, Carolina Perez-Segura, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla*, and Adam Zlotnick*
* Corresponding authors
ACS Chemical Biology (2020) 15, 3124-3132.


High-performance analysis of biomolecular containers to measure small-molecule transport, transbilayer lipid diffusion, and protein cavities
Alexander J. Bryer*, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla*, John E. Stone, and Juan R. Perilla
* Co-first authors
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2019) 59, 4328-4338.


Assembly properties of hepatitis B virus core protein mutants correlate with their resistance to assembly-directed antivirals
Lu Ruan, Jodi A. Hadden*, and Adam Zlotnick*
* Corresponding authors
Journal of Virology (2018) 92, e01082-18.

All-atom simulations of viruses
Jodi A. Hadden* and Juan R. Perilla
* Corresponding author
Current Opinion in Virology (2018) 31, 82-91.

All-atom molecular dynamics of the HBV capsid reveals insights into biological function and cryo-EM resolution limits
Jodi A. Hadden*, Juan R. Perilla, Christopher John Schlicksup, Balasubramanian Venkatakrishnan, Adam Zlotnick, and Klaus Schulten
* Corresponding author
eLife (2018) 7, e32478.

Molecular dynamics simulations of protein-drug complexes: A computational protocol for investigating the interactions of small-molecule therapeutics with biological targets and biosensors
Jodi A. Hadden* and Juan R. Perilla
* Corresponding author
In Computational Drug Discovery and Design – Methods in Molecular Biology (2018) 1762, 245-270.
Humana Press, New York, NY.

2017 and earlier

New insights into influenza A specificity: An evolution of paradigms
Ye Ji, Yohanna J. B. White, Jodi A. Hadden, Oliver C. Grant, and Robert J. Woods
Current Opinion in Structural Biology (2017) 44, 219-231.

Angular measurements of the dynein ring reveal a stepping mechanism dependent on a flexible stalk
Lisa G. Lippert, Tali Dadosh, Jodi A. Hadden, Vishakha Karnawat, Benjamin T. Diroll, Christopher B. Murray, Erika L. F. Holzbaur, Klaus Schulten, Samara L. Reck-Peterson, and Yale E. Goldman
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017) 114, E4564-E4573.

3D implementation of the symbol nomenclature for graphical representation of glycans
David F. Thieker, Jodi A. Hadden, Klaus Schulten, and Robert J. Woods
Glycobiology (2016) 26, 786-787.

Computational methodologies for real-space structural refinement of large macromolecular complexes
Boon Chong Goh*, Jodi A. Hadden*, Rafael C. Bernardi, Abhishek Singharoy, Ryan McGreevy, Till Rudack, C. Keith Cassidy, and Klaus Schulten
* Co-first authors
Annual Review of Biophysics (2016) 45, 253-278.

All-atom molecular dynamics of virus capsids as drug targets
Juan R. Perilla, Jodi A. Hadden, Boon Chong Goh, Christopher G. Mayne, and Klaus Schulten
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Calculating binding free energies for protein-carbohydrate complexes
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Effect of microfibril twisting on theoretical powder diffraction patterns of cellulose I-beta
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Unraveling cellulose microfibrils: A twisted tale
Jodi A. Hadden, Alfred D. French, and Robert J. Woods
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