Research Funding

University of Delaware Research Foundation (2021)
National Institutes of Health COBRE Pilot Project (2021)
National Science Foundation RAPID/Delaware EPSCoR (2020)

Supercomputer Allocations

Frontera/Longhorn RAPID Access (2020)
XSEDE Education Allocation (2020)
XSEDE Research Allocation (2020)
Anton Allocation (2019)
Blue Waters GLCPC Allocation (2019)
Blue Waters Broadening Participation Allocation (2018)
XSEDE Research Allocation (2018)
XSEDE Research Allocation (2017)
Blue Waters Illinois Allocation (2017)

Student Awards

XSEDE EMPOWER (Olivia Shaw, Fall 2020)
XSEDE EMPOWER (Olivia Shaw, Summer 2020)
University of Delaware Summer Scholar (Olivia Shaw, Summer 2020)
XSEDE EMPOWER (Olivia Shaw, Spring 2020)

Artwork Recognition

FASEB BioArt Scientific Image & Video Competition (JAH-P, 2018)
University of Delaware Art in Science Exhibition (JAH-P, 2018)

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