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Smart Plan

  • Specific: I want to work with children who have poor home lives or lack a source of motivation and encouragement. I hope to work with others who are also interested with the well being of these children.
  •  Measurable: I want  to have a career in a school district or for the state within a year after graduating. I would also like to be financially stable and be able to afford what is needed for me to be an independent adult.
  •  Achievable: I can accomplish my goal by excelling in all my classes needed to obtain my degree. Also with internships and volunteer work relating to my future career.
  • Relevant: If all of my goals above were to happen as planned I would be happy with my job. I’ve always loved helping people and I have always loved children and watching them learn. I think I will accomplish this goal because I am very good at getting things done that need to be done. If I give myself a specific time frame, I will get what needs to be taken care of accomplished.

Is it better to do what you love or make money

If it were affordable I would want to be a teacher and travel all over the world to developing nations and teach children who don’t have the access to education that we have in this country. I think it is better to study for a job you know you’re going to love rather than study for a career only because of the money you will earn. Your career is what you do for a majority of your life and by doing something you hate or aren’t interested will eventually start effecting you and the people you work with/for. For example, if someone became a doctor just because they wanted to make a doctor’s salary but didn’t have a passion for helping people, both would suffer. The patient wouldn’t get the best care possible. Or if someone became an accountant just for the salary but wasn’t really interested in it, would have one long and boring life. If you do something you love and are good at you will be rewarded and so will the people who interact with you on a professional level. People will trust you when they can tell you know what you’re talking about and have a true passion for it. Also if your dream job doesn’t include your dream paycheck, experience and working hard could help you move up the latter. With all that being said, I do think you have to be smart about choosing what you want to do. For example it may hard to  find steady jobs if you want to be a painter or study literature. Because of this it would be smart to have a degree in art and marketing or literature and education. Unfortunately most people don’t have the option of choosing money or what they love. If money wasn’t a factor I think more people would be happy because they would be doing job they really love not a job that pays their bills.

Dream Job

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for my career.  It’s a pretty serious decision to make considering you’re probably going to be doing it for the rest of your life. I always knew I wanted to work with people, specifically children. I used to think about being a teacher or a psychologist. It didn’t take long to realize that being a teacher wouldn’t work because I want to do something that more specialized, opposed to working with an entire class. Being a psychologist isn’t completely out of the question but I want to help the children that may not need a psychologist, but a little more motivation and attention. I could see myself either working in a school district, helping the children that constantly act out for attention or the children that get no academic support or motivation at home. I could also see myself working with children who removed from bad domestic situations. It breaks my heart to see children born into situations where they don’t get the proper attention or have any descent role models in their life. Some children have parents who don’t care whether they get good grades or parents who teach them what “snitching” is before they teach them how to count to ten. I would like to remain on the East coast in my future but i would’t be opposed to moving elsewhere. As far as salary goes I don’t expect anything outrages like 100,000 a year fresh out of college but I would like to find a career where my salary would increase as a get more and more experience under my belt. My ultimate goal is to make a difference in someone’s life as cliche as that sounds. I believe education is crucial and everyone should have the same chances even if they don’t get the same support at home.