Smart Plan

  • Specific: I want to work with children who have poor home lives or lack a source of motivation and encouragement. I hope to work with others who are also interested with the well being of these children.
  •  Measurable: I want  to have a career in a school district or for the state within a year after graduating. I would also like to be financially stable and be able to afford what is needed for me to be an independent adult.
  •  Achievable: I can accomplish my goal by excelling in all my classes needed to obtain my degree. Also with internships and volunteer work relating to my future career.
  • Relevant: If all of my goals above were to happen as planned I would be happy with my job. I’ve always loved helping people and I have always loved children and watching them learn. I think I will accomplish this goal because I am very good at getting things done that need to be done. If I give myself a specific time frame, I will get what needs to be taken care of accomplished.

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  1. Allan Poshel

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