Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

Pearson 304 (Studio C) & on Zoom
Hosted by UD-GIS. All are welcome to attend in person or on Zoom.


  • UD GIS Day & Mapathon 2023
  • ESRI Workshop on 10/20
  • Discussion about ArcMap and moving to ArcGIS Pro
  • Open table discussion
Join via ZOOM

Transitioning away from ArcMap and to ArcGIS Pro

Please note that, due to an upcoming GIS workshop on October 20th, we will not be hosting an official technical presentation during the Coffee Hour. However, considering that this is our final academic year with an ArcMap license, we believe this gathering presents an ideal opportunity to delve into the topic of transitioning to ArcGIS Pro. During our meeting on October 10th, we will provide a concise introduction to ArcGIS Pro, showcase the process of migrating an existing ArcMap document to ArcGIS Pro, and be available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to bring your laptops with your own ArcMap documents to the event. We highly encourage the participation of both those currently in the midst of transitioning and those who have already made the switch. Sharing your experiences will be immensely valuable to all attendees.