Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

Pearson 304 (Studio C) & on Zoom
Hosted by UD-GIS. All are welcome to attend in person or on Zoom.


GIS presentation by: Chris McIntosh (Bent Ear Solutions) & Kari Hicks (Bent Ear Solutions)
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Utilizing Real-Time GIS for Decision Making

The presentation is focused on expanding how GIS is used in emergency management. The presentation touches on the rise of Web GIS and how it facilitates our decision-making, how we apply dynamic GIS, incorporation of GIS into other programs like Microsoft Teams, analyzing real-time data to make real-time decisions, and the increasing demand for this technology in the Emergency Management sector.

Chris McIntosh – Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder of Bent Ear Solutions

Current CEO of Bent Ear Solutions and U.S. Navy Veteran. Over 15 years of experience in leading the development of Public Safety and Emergency Management interoperable communications and geospatial technology.

Kari Hicks – Director of Technology at Bent Ear Solutions

Currently manages the IT and Technology Services side of Bent Ear Solutions as the Director of Technology, with over 10 years of experience as a geospatial professional.