Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

Pearson 304 (Studio C) & on Zoom
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GIS presentation by: Richard Quodomine (City of Philadelphia)
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GIS and Municipal Investment

GIS can now ask not just where and how many certain things are, but how do we access them and who benefits? This presentation will focus on using GIS to determine access and what it means to participate in government.

Richard D. Quodomine

Richard D. Quodomine, MA, FRCGS is the Program Manager of the Clean Waters Task Force for the City of Philadelphia. Prior to that, he served as the Senior Lead GIS Analyst for the Department of Public Property. Among his many roles, he utilized the city’s asset management applications to ascertain and analyze the expenditures on locations of public infrastructure and assets throughout the city. He also works with many other agencies, both internal and external to analyze the impact of public investment in the city. These assets include Green Stormwater Infrastructure, PWD assets and areas and assets impacted by Flooding. Rich has also won grants for writing and reviewed infrastructure grants both at the city and in prior roles.Before moving to Philadelphia, Rich served as an Analyst at the New York State Department of Transportation and was responsible for working with Transportation and Public Transit Agencies and Metropolitan Planning Organizations to contract for and maintain public transit vehicles and facilities throughout the state. He was also the public transportation unit’s GIS coordinator and worked around the state and regionally. Rich is also an adjunct GIS professor at Rowan University and has several publications in transportation, infrastructure and responses to Emergency Management situations, for both hurricane response and more recently, COVID-19.