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CiSE 2020 Best Paper Award

The IEEE Computer Society Publications Board awards Best Paper Awards based on nominations submitted by each publication’s awards committee.

Congratulations to Jodi Hadden-Perilla and Juan Perilla, University of Delaware authors of the CiSE (Computing in Science & Engineering) magazine 2020 Best Paper Award: “Scalable Analysis of Authentic Viral Envelopes on FRONTERA.” This paper describes the latest-generation molecular modeling on the envelope of an HIV-1 virion using FRONTERA, a supercomputer at TACC (TEXAS ADVANCED COMPUTING CENTER).

We want to thank the Perilla’s for their ongoing support of UD and National HPC communities. Both teams of researchers have been investors and active users on UD’s local HPC systems (Caviness and DARWIN) as well as other national resources supported by IT-RCI staff. We look forward to assisting the Perilla’s with their future computational research. Please click the button below for the publication.