• Article by Mark Jolly-Van Bodegraven Photo illustration by Tammy Beeson | Photo courtesy of Loonibha

UD students competed in the 2021 geospatial data visualization and map design contest

Congratulations to this years winners and everyone who participated in this years competition!

A map showing the vulnerability of Wilmington residents to sea level rise in 2100 under multiple projected scenarios has won this year’s University of Delaware Student Competition for Geospatial Data Visualization / Map Design, co-sponsored by the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences and the Data Science Institute.

Loonibha Manandhar, who received her master’s degree in geography from UD in 2021, combined projected sea level rise and projected population distribution to create a map showing the varying risk to people in different areas of Wilmington from sea level rise. The data underpinning the map combines three different projected sea level rise scenarios (illustrated in different shades of blue) and three different projected population growth scenarios (illustrated as different shades of red dots for exposed population and brown dots for unexposed population).