Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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Hosted by UD GIS. All are welcome to attend. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided. Those unable to attend can join via Zoom.


GIS presentation by Jim Highberger

Earth Day Mapathon presentation by Troy Saltiel

  • Update on Esri Patch and software
  • Update on training and conferences
  • Roundtable discussion
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Title: Delaware Opioid Metric Intelligence Project and ARcGIS Online: Using Story Map to tell the story of Delaware’s opioid crisis.
Presenter: Jim Highberger

The Delaware Opioid Metric Intelligence Project (DOMIP) – provides community surveillance capabilities in Delaware to help reduce its prescription and illicit drug problems. DOMIP achieves this by integrating data-on overdose deaths, crime, population characteristics and community resources into a user-friendly web application called the DOMIP Mapping app via ArcGIS Online. The mapping app takes advantage of two templates provided by ESRI, Story Map and Story Map Journal. Both are great tools to present data in an easy to use and digestible manner. Using ArcGIS Online the DOMIP Mapping app showcases multiple years of integrated data that will allow for unprecedented community surveillance and mapping of a wide range of opiate and crime-related metrics, at the US census tract, zip code, Delaware House District and county levels. By hosting a wide variety of information about Delaware’s opioid crisis, DOMIP Mapping app will inform best practices that assist efforts to reduce the negative impact of the opioid problem on all Delawareans. More about DOMIP can be found at the Center for Drug and Health Studies Website.

During the presentation, Jim will go over how to use the DOMIP Mapping application and the strength and weaknesses of using Story Map and Story Journal Map to present your data.

Title: Earth Day Mapathon
Presenter: Troy Saltiel

Learn more about open mapping for humanitarian aid response and the upcoming Earth Day Mapathon on Apr 24th. A Mapathon is an event where volunteers from all backgrounds work together to digitize satellite data in areas of need of humanitarian aid. We map with OpenStreetMap, a free and open online mapping tool, and use a task manager system to fulfill projects requested by aid organizations. At a previous Mapathon, we mapped in Tanzania to benefit AIDs prevention and treatment programs administered by PEPFAR and contributed over 1,000 edits! This year we will map areas of the Philippines facing food security issues and climate change impacts. From the project description: “Please help us map these priority areas where Food Security is influenced by poverty and access to infrastructure and vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. We hope to complete these maps to prepare for the typhoon season. The map data will be shared with our cross sector data partners to help make more informed decisions about vulnerable communities.”