eduroam Wi-Fi Refresh | Monday, October 21

What’s happening?

UD Information Technologies (UDIT) is working to address the eduroam Wi-Fi connectivity issues that many people have experienced lately. You need to take action before Monday, October 21 to stay connected to eduroam Wi-Fi. 

At 6:30AM on October 21st, devices that have not been re-enrolled will lose their access to eduroam.

How to stay connected

To stay connected to eduroam,  do the following for ALL of your wireless, eduroam-connected devices:

Review the reconnection steps for your specific device

Are you off-campus or studying abroad? Use these instructions.

If you do not complete these steps, your device will lose access to eduroam at 6:30 AM on Monday, October 21st. To regain access, you will need to complete these steps.

We’re here to help!

In-person assistance

In addition to our usual support presence, we will be adding pop-up help stations in the following locations. Stop by these locations to get your device re-connected by our staff. 

Trabant Student Center Pop-up 
Wednesday – Friday* | 11:00AM – 2:00PM (October 16 – 18)
Monday – Tuesday | 11:00AM – 2:00PM (October 21 – 22)

Morris Library Pop-up 
Wednesday* | 11:00AM – 2:00PM (October 16)

Perkins Student Center Pop-up 
Thursday – Friday* | 11:00AM – 2:00PM (October 17 – 18)
Monday – Tuesday | 11:00AM – 2:00PM (October 21 – 22)

Smith Hall (open year-round)
Monday – Thursday | 8:00AM – 11:00PM
Friday | 8:00AM – 10:00PM
Saturday | 9:00AM – 10:00PM
Sunday | 10:00AM – 11:00PM

Online/via phone assistance

As usual you will be able to use our support documentation, email and phone support services. 

Online documentation for connecting to eduroam | | FAQ
Email |
Call | (302)831-6000

FREE ICE CREAM (and a chance to win an iPad)

As a token of our appreciation, we will be giving away FREE UDairy ice cream coupons to students who get their devices checked at our pop-up help centers (while supplies last). Students also will be entered to win a new Apple iPad (drawing on Friday, Oct 18th at 3PM).

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