Good afternoon,

As we prepare for the fall semester, UDIT would like to remind you about new services, features, fixes, and support. Feel free to forward this information to your constituents and colleagues.

Academic Support

Keep Calm and Teach On workshop series starts August 17

UD instructors can now register for Keep Calm & Teach On (KCTO)–a workshop series with hands-on, virtual, and in-person sessions designed to get them into the classroom with confidence. Running virtually from August 17 to 19 with in-person sessions on August 22, 24, and 25, there are plenty of opportunities for instructors to find the support they need.

In-classroom faculty orientations on August 22, 24 and 25

Classroom orientations are available on Aug 22, 24, and 25 as part of the Keep Calm and Teach On (KCTO) series. See the schedule and register. Instructors can learn about the new UD Capture +Zoom technology and get support connecting their devices in preparation for the first day of classes.

Classroom orientations in your classroom are also available by appointment. Contact IT University Media Services (UDIT-UMS) at (302) 831-3546 or visit our Classroom Technology site to schedule.

Instructional Design

Instructors can visit the IT-ATS Instructional Design Services website to schedule a one-on-one consultation with an instructional designer or find important resources to improve their own course design. 

Student Support

Instructors are encouraged to point students to the Tech at UD website for more information about technology resources that are available to them.

Reminder: students are able to remotely access software for coursework (just like they would in our on-site computer lab) with our Remote Computer Lab. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a web browser or Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app.

Smith Hall Service Desk

The Smith Hall Service Desk will be open with print and computing services available. The hours of operation will be posted on the Computing Site webpage

The Welcome Bar at The Commons returns

Come visit us – again! Starting Wednesday, August 24, staff from UDIT Academic Technology Services will be on site and ready to assist faculty and all those who teach at the Welcome Bar and Commons space in 116 Pearson Hall. The Commons will be open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm to assist instructors with their questions about instructional design, Canvas, Zoom, UD Capture, Poll Everywhere, and more. Here’s an overview of the spaces and functions available in Pearson 116. Please note the green screen and lightboard studio is also available and requires 2-days advance reservation to ensure staff availability.

Technology that supports instruction

Updates to centrally scheduled classrooms

Introducing UD Capture +Zoom: UDIT is excited to announce that UD Capture is being upgraded for the fall semester in certain central classrooms to include Zoom capability, now called UD Capture +Zoom. Instructors scheduled in a UD Capture +Zoom-enabled classroom will now be able to have an integrated Zoom meeting for their class with all the equipment needed for a hybrid teaching environment, including built-in cameras and microphones to connect with remote students synchronously.

Instructors scheduled in an upgraded room should review this page and follow the important steps in the checklist before their first class.

UD Capture +Zoom will be available in all central classrooms in the coming years. Until then, the previous service, now being called UD Capture Classic, will still be available in other classrooms. Learn about the differences between UD Capture +Zoom and UD Capture Classic

Currently there are 35 classrooms updated to the UD Capture + Zoom model. This includes a conference audio system with omnidirectional microphone that has replaced the laptop microphone allowing the instructor to move freely around the front of the room. These new microphones will also pick up the voices of in-person students.  IT-UMS has also enabled USB connectivity between instructor laptops and in-classroom document cameras to support hybrid courses using Zoom.

As before, instructors can request to have their classes automatically recorded by completing this request form before Monday Aug 29 at noon. 

If you have any questions, contact

Instructors can also attend Keep Calm and Teach On classroom orientations hosted by UDIT on August 22, 24, and 25 to get hands-on experience with the new technology before classes start. Registration is required.

View the equipment in each classroom. 

Reminder about classroom microphones

Currently 127 centrally scheduled classrooms, including auditoriums, have a microphone system. Connecting your own personal microphone to the room system is not permitted as damage to the system and connection points may occur. Room wireless systems are keyed to unique frequencies to prevent crosstalk with adjoining rooms which renders connecting your own microphone to the house system inoperative. If there are concerns with COVID-19 surface contact transmission, the microphone surface may be gently cleaned with sanitizing wipes. Please do not use sprays or soak the microphone surface. 

Exceptions for personal microphones: some smaller and all-analog rooms do not have microphones. Microphones cannot be added to these rooms at this time. In these smaller and analog rooms faculty may provide their own personal Bluetooth headset/speaker system.

Video Learning Classroom Studios open for fall

The Learning Classroom Studios (located on the 3rd floor of Pearson Hall) are staffed with full-time technicians to assist with complicated video needs. Each room is designed for full-class interaction between instructors and students through audio, video, Zoom, and course content. Recordings will be uploaded to your My Media account and Canvas course upon request. Space is available for full-semester classes and single recording sessions. Please contact Academic Technology Services (IT-ATS) to request a tour or reserve a classroom studio. 

What’s new with Zoom?

Zoom has recently added and updated many features that will help instructors engage students and manage hybrid classes. Among the updates are video focus mode, participant slide control, ability to stop incoming video, new polling options, and enhanced Whiteboard features both in and out of meetings.

For more detailed information, check out the “New Zoom Features” tab in our Zoom Instructions page

Canvas fall courses are available

As of July 26, fall Canvas courses have been created. Faculty should check that their courses are appearing as expected on their Canvas Dashboard. Also, it is important to read the latest FERPA guidelines provided by the Registrar’s Office. See this post for information on confirming sites, requesting changes, getting ready for the fall term, and links to the Registrar’s guidelines about FERPA. 

Faculty can review approved external LTI tools to extend the functionality of Canvas. Other tools can be requested but must first be reviewed

Other services

New requirement: Protecting UD from cyber threats

To better protect the University from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, UDIT is requiring that the endpoint protection software CrowdStrike Falcon be installed on all UD-owned endpoints (desktops and laptops). Installing CrowdStrike on these systems is mandated by University policy. Deployment and management of CrowdStrike will be handled by distributed IT groups. 

Improved phishing controls

UDIT is implementing new tools that assist with advanced phishing protection. These tools recognize new and more sophisticated attempts and will mark suspicious emails with warning banners in your inbox. After evaluation and tuning, the system will  move these messages to junk mail.

Migration to Webex Calling

To better support UD’s future work environment, UD Information Technologies (UDIT) is migrating UD’s existing VoIP phone services to Webex Calling throughout 2022 and early 2023. Migrating to Webex Calling will allow UD employees to use their current 831 phone number to make and receive calls regardless of their location or device. Inbound and outbound calling will be transitioned to the compatible Webex applications for most users, but also supports traditional Cisco desk phones where required. Webex Calling will also enhance call security as all calls made using the Webex app are encrypted.

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