Updated: 8/24/2021

As we begin preparing for the fall semester, UDIT would like to remind you about new services, features, fixes, and more to help with the transition back to the workplace, working from anywhere, or both! Please feel free to forward this information on to your constituents and colleagues. 

Technology that supports instruction

Updates to centrally scheduled classrooms

To prepare for the fall semester, IT-University Media services has been busy upgrading some centrally scheduled classrooms. UDIT has installed USB connectivity between laptops and in-classroom document cameras for remote display.

Twelve classrooms have also been updated to the full hybrid model with the addition of an in-classroom camera to replace the laptop camera for a wider view. This includes a conference audio system with omnidirectional microphone that has replaced the laptop microphone allowing the instructor to move freely around the front of the room. These new microphones will also pick up the voices of in-person students. 

An additional 8 rooms are targeted for hybrid upgrades prior to the start of classes this fall and 30 non-hybrid classrooms have had wireless microphone systems installed. More classrooms will be upgraded throughout the semester as time and equipment availability allows.

View the equipment in each classroom. 

Using classroom microphones

All centrally scheduled classrooms larger than 400 square feet have a microphone system. Connecting your own personal mic to the room system is not permitted as damage to the system and connection points may occur. Room wireless systems are keyed to unique frequencies to prevent cross talk with adjoining rooms which renders connecting your own mic to the house system inoperative. If there are concerns with Covid surface contact transmission, the mic surface may be gently cleaned with sanitizing wipes. Do not use sprays or soak the mic surface. 

Rooms smaller than 400 square feet and analog rooms do not have microphones and mics cannot be added to these rooms at this time. In these smaller and analog rooms faculty may provide their own personal Bluetooth headset/speaker system.

Faculty may consider purchasing this low-cost personal body system: ZOWEETEK Voice Amplifier with UHF Wireless Microphone Headset (Amazon). IT-UMS does not warrant the quality of this system but suggests it based upon current use by several faculty members.

In classroom faculty orientations

Classroom Orientations are available again this year as part of the Keep Calm and Teach On (KCTO) event. Open house sessions are available on Tuesday (August 17th and 24th) and Thursday (August 19th and 26th) from noon to 2PM in Willard 116. 

Register at the KCTO site.

Classroom Orientations are also available by appointment in your classroom. Make an appointment by contacting IT-UMS at (302)831-3546 or visit the IT-UMS Classroom Technology site.

Be on the lookout for UD Capture +Zoom

UDIT Academic Technology services is developing a new pilot UD Capture Classroom Capture system called UD Capture +Zoom. This new system leverages using Zoom in the classroom and provides the ease of recording your classroom session with a single request (as before) but will add some new and exciting capabilities. The pilot is available this fall 2021 in select classrooms.

Learn more about UD Capture +Zoom.

What’s new with Zoom

Zoom has recently added and updated many features that will help instructors engage students and manage hybrid or hyflex classes. Among the updates are new chat options, chimes for raised hands, immersive screen views, reaction emojis, advanced screen sharing options, and additional breakout room options. 

For more detailed information check out the New Zoom Features tab in our Zoom Instructions page

Reminder: to access the latest features and fixes, update your Zoom client software regularly (UDIT recommends at least once a month).  To update, navigate to the Zoom download page and click the top blue button for the latest version of the Client for Meetings.

Using Zoom in the classroom this semester? Check out the “Using Zoom in a Classroom” tab on our Zoom Instructions page for tips and suggestions.

August 3: fall Canvas courses created

As of August 3, fall Canvas courses have been created. Faculty should check that their courses are appearing as expected on their Canvas Dashboard. Also, it is important to read the latest FERPA guidelines provided by the Registrar’s Office. See this post for information on confirming sites, requesting changes, getting ready for the fall term, and links to the Registrar’s guidelines about FERPA. 

UD Capture

Be sure to submit your UD Capture Classroom Capture recording requests before Sunday, August 29 to ensure your first class sessions are recorded. Requests after Aug 29 may be delayed before being activated.

Visit the UD Capture page to review all of your options for recording courses for the fall, online, in person, or hybrid. Also, learn how to use Zoom to support remote students in the classroom

Other services

Specialty software available online

UDIT and The College of Arts & Sciences have updated the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service utilized primarily by students to access software remotely. Users will now access the VDI service via the Central Authentication Service (CAS) and will no longer need to use VPN for access. Documentation about this service has been updated and consolidated into UDIT’s Knowledge Base. The VDI service has also been added to UDeploy.

On campus printing

Wireless printing is newly available for UD IT supported printers for the fall semester. Students can print directly from their laptop to any of the available UD IT supported printers across campus. Learn how to use wireless and mobile printing


UDIT improved Wi-Fi networks by enhancing features and connectivity.

  • eduroam Wi-Fi now supports both private & public IP addresses as well as static IP addresses to provide connectivity options that align more closely with  “UD Devices” Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi 6 Support – WiFi controllers upgraded to a known/tested stable version of code capable of supporting the new Wi-Fi 6 access points installed since 2020.
  • Security and performance patching on the eduroam authentication servers
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi controllers with 20 Gbps redundant connectivity into the new core campus MPLS infrastructure & firewall network
  • Campus WiFi on-boarding (Get Started at UD) upgraded to provide Android 11 devices the highest level of security – previously only offered on other mobile device Operating Systems.

Network Architecture

UDIT upgraded campus-wide network connectivity from 10 Gbps connectivity to redundant 40 & 100 Gbps connectivity across campus, all connecting via new 100Gbps border firewalls for Internet access. This will provide a faster online experience for UD’s users and systems.

Academic Support

Instructional Design

ATS has a new Instructional Design Services website where instructors can more easily schedule a one-on-one consultation with an instructional designer or find important resources to improve their own course design.

Tech at UD website for students

The Tech at UD website has been updated for the fall semester. The website is the one-stop source of information for students with technology questions covering all of the major tools, as well as ONEcard services, software, and printing.

Smith Hall service desk

The Smith Hall Service Site will be open with print and computing services available. The hours of operation are still to be determined and will be posted on the computing site page

Virtual Welcome Bar continues

Based on your feedback, we’re continuing the Virtual Welcome Bar service through the fall semester. Instructors that have teaching and technology questions can get immediate support by joining our continuous Zoom meeting Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Welcome Bar at Pearson 116

The Welcome Bar in Pearson 116 will be reopening by appointment only starting Monday, August 16 with regular hours on Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Learn more about reopening at the ATS reopening page.

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