There will be adjustments made to the campus IP (data) Network due to the relocation of fiber optic cabling on Wednesday, July 8th, between the hours of 4:00pm and 6:00pm at the following buildings on west campus:


President’s Residence

44 Kent Way

Conover Hall East and West

111 South Main Street

English Language Inst.

Belmont Hall

Amer Phil Assoc

180 S College

186 S College

148 S College

Purnell Hall

15 Kent Way

Amy Dupont Music Bldg

Center for the Arts

183 W Main

24 Kent Way

164 S College

University Visitor’s Ctr

Ewing Hall

Kirkbride Hall

192 S College

4 Kent Way

196 S College

25 Amstell Ave

158 S College

150 S College

Lerner Hall


The work should NOT create a network outage, but we would like to announce that the work is taking place in the event any issues arise.

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