This change has been rolled back and will be rescheduled for a later date. Steps for users having issues connecting to eduroam: Forget the eduroam connection and re-connect by navigating to  through a web browser. This will update the certificate and reestablish the connection.


Clearpass (Wi-Fi) Certificate Upgrade on Monday, October 7
Change date and time:  Monday, October 7, from 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM
Description of the change: Information Technologies will be installing a new certificate on the Clearpass servers.
Impact of the change on users: Eduroam users may encounter several behaviors depending on the type of device and the time and fashion that they’ve onboarded.  User using device certificates since January, will see little to no impact.  Users that have onboarded since fall 2018 will have to agree to a popup that the server cert has changed.   Users that manually connect to eduroam (by far the largest group of users, currently around 60%) will see both security warnings and popups, which is the same as they saw when they manually connected. (Apple iOS warns about most every change.)
Reason for the change:  This change is to upgrade the Clearpass (Wi-Fi) certificate.

To upgrade your Clearpass certificate visit: and follow the “Clearpass (Wi-Fi) Certificate Upgrade” bullet point.  This will allow you to update your devices to the latest onboard certificate and experience the least impact during the Certificate Upgrade.

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