There will be an outage of the campus I.P (Data) Network, due to the migration from older controller to new controllers on Tuesday, July 30th, between the hours of 6:00am-7: 00 am, at the following buildings on campus:


Carvel Research & Educ Ctr
Video Conference Ctr
Jones-Hamilton Poultry House
Carvel South Lab Trailer
Carvel North Lab Trailer
Research Educ Ctr
Lasher Lab
Jason Bldg
Wm Carter Partnership Ctr
Hooper Marine Ops Bldg
Cannon Marine Studies Lab
Otis Smith Lab
Virden Hall A
Virden Hall B
Virden Ctr Addition
Virden Conf Ctr
Goodstay Bldg
UD Downtown Ctr
Arsht Hall
108 E Main St
800 Barksdale Rd


Wi-Fi connectivity in these buildings will have intermittent connectivity while Access Points reboot.
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