You should receive instructions when you pick up your Gingerbread House kit. If you lose the instructions a downloadable file is available.



  • Teams must be a minimum of 5 (five) people and bonus points (votes) will be given to each team with members from the different UD IT units they represent (See for unit details).  
  • There is no restriction on how many members are on a team
  • Pick up your Gingerbread House decorating kit anytime after Monday, December 3rd in the Chapel St. building.  Kits must be picked up by Friday, December 7th. Please reach out to Amy Shultz ( or Sarah Meadows ( to get your kit.
  • Follow the decorating instructions (which will also be included with your kit)
  • Please make sure your Gingerbread House submission is properly labeled with your team name and securely placed in a sturdy container to ensure it can be easily transported to the Holiday Party.
  • Return your finished Gingerbread House to the Chapel St. building no later than 4:00 pm on December 14th (Friday).

Take lots of pictures when designing and architecting your Gingerbread House.  Your Team Captain will have access to a team drive to upload.  Pictures will be featured at the UD IT Holiday Party! (An email to each Team Captain will be sent in a separate communication).


Gingerbread House Guidelines


  • You can only use the existing infrastructure (gingerbread); no gingerbread “additions” may be built to make the house larger.
  • You may purchase additional decor (candy) for your gingerbread house than what’s included in the kit.
  • All materials used for the gingerbread house must be edible.




  • All Gingerbread Houses will be on display (anonymously) at the UD IT Holiday Party on December 17th.  
  • A panel of 3 to 5 judges will be assessing your crafty work and giving their vote for their favorite Gingerbread House creation.
    • Each judge’s vote will count for 5 extra tickets.
    • Judges will also come together to select their 2 favorite Gingerbread Houses for Judge’s Choice awards

Note: Judges are in the process of being selected.. Judges will be staff from across campus, whom may or may not be IT Staff; however each judge will not be associated with or have prior knowledge of any submissions until the UD IT Holiday Party.

  • Each employee, who attends the party, will receive one ticket to vote for their favorite decorated Gingerbread House.
  • Any team comprised of members of different IT Units will receive one additional vote to their total tally for each unique Unit they represent.
    • Examples:  
      • Team A: 2 Members from CS&S and 3 from MIS  = +1 Vote
      • Team B: 2 from CS&S, 2 from MIS and 1 from NSS = +2 Votes
      • Team C: 2 from CS&S,  from MIS, 1 from NSS and 2 from IT Strategic Planning  = +3 Votes
  • Each house at the UD IT Holiday Party will be accompanied by a basket to place ticket votes in.
  • Each basket and Gingerbread House will be labeled with a number, so that the houses are anonymous. Team names and members will be revealed after all the votes are collected.
  • The winning team will be announced during the IT Holiday Party and receive a perpetual trophy that will be passed on for years to come (as well as bragging rights to being the winners of the First Annual UD IT Gingerbread House Decoration Challenge Tradition!)

Disclaimer: Judges will also be advised of these guidelines and will make their own determination if any Gingerbread House fails to meet the guidelines stated.



1. How big can the house be?

Answer: The Gingerbread House provided within the kit measures 7 in. wide x 7 in. deep x 6.25 in. high.

We have also provided a 10 in. x 14 in. Cake Board to place your Gingerbread House on. The house must fit on the provided cake board. While you are not permitted to make additions to the house (i.e. add rooms or make the house larger than the dimensions above), you are permitted to add landscape, etc. to the outside of the house, as long as everything is edible.

Note: “additions” do not include chimneys, windows, doors, or other edible creations you make to construct your house.

2. Must the house be assembled as pictured on the kit packaging?

Answer: No, not all provided materials have to be used to construct your house. However, you cannot use gingerbread or other materials to add additions to the house to make it larger. You can, however, can use other edible items to enhance the house features and landscape around the house.

3. What items can I use to decorate the house and/or landscape?

Answer: You can buy additional candy or make decorations from gingerbread. The only constraint for the decorations is that it ALL must be edible. Not cardboard or plastic figurines.

The kit also recommends using the following to help decorate your house:

  • Granulated sugar, cornstarch, and confectioners’ sugar
  • You may also need a rolling pin, parchment paper, small angled spatula or butter knife, scissors or paring knife, plastic ruler, and decorating brush

4. What happens to my house once I drop it off on the 14th?

Answer: To ensure the integrity of your House, we will take a photo with you next to your house when delivered to the Chapel St. building. The Holiday Events Committee will be delivering each of the Houses to the Audion to be put on display. You are responsible for delivering the house to the Chapel St. building by the 14th in a sturdy container. If anything should happen to your house, we will make every effort to notify you and provide an image with your House at the party.



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