Business Analytics

and Information Management 

Graduate Student Association


The University of Delaware’s Business Analytics and Information Management Graduate Student Association(BAIM GSA) is an organization dedicated to improve the academic and social experience of graduate students in the Lerner College. The BAIM GSA coordinates social events to promote camaraderie in the program, hosts technical workshops and organizes business networking events.The purpose of the BAIM GSA is to bring students together with area professionals to learn more about the careers for business analytics and information management graduates and to network with the professionals in an outside-the-classroom environment. Additionally, the association helps to enhance the relationship between the current students and alumni.

As a member of BAIM GSA, you will get an opportunity to put the skills you learn in class to the test in real-world situations. BAIM GSA members will strengthen skills, forge friendships and make a positive difference in today’s world through collaboration, serving in leadership positions, networking and honing essential career ready skills.

Welcome note by the Director of MS BAIM, Dr. Andrea Everard