• Caucus Meeting of October 24th 2017
    • 2017-2018 Budget: $1,500 –> drastically lower than last year.  Jennifer said that we have to exhaust everything that we have.  After doing so, Jennifer will contact Dr. Anderson, who will then allocate separate funding for the Caucus.  The international caucus needs to communicate in a timely manner with OEI about our programs and initiatives, including the budget.

      ICH budget was about $200 –  Budget sheet on the Team Drive.

      NYC – is the trip going to be cancelled?- Ken to confirmed this.

      Website –> Travis to upgrade the website with events, resources, etc.  International Guide to Newark dated March 9th available on the google drive.  Upload the International Guide to Newark on the IC website.

      OEI is going to publish an article about all the caucuses to allow for advertising across Campus.

      Combine luncheon with Women Caucus might not work due to current location reservation and budget already planned by the Women Caucus.

      New events with other caucuses (8 caucuses across campus):

      • Early December – Meet and Greet (proposed 3:30 PM) with board members of the caucuses.  Waiting for confirmation.

      Large Scale Award Ceremony with the the Women Caucus on Campus.  –> this event was proposed.

      Advertisement:  OEI newsletter and/or OISS communication coordinator

      Networking ideas:  Symposium–> a lot of members are interested in doing something regarding Academia.

      New collaborations with UD Dept. to host annual events.  –> Maria will start looking into this.

      How can we network better with other caucuses on Campus?  How can we grow?


  • Caucus Meetings of Nov 17 and Dec 16 2016 (Minutes)
    *Minutes (Recorded by Noemi Murphy) Meeting on 11/17/2015 International Education Week - tags came in time for the Festival of Nations on 11/16/15 - over 100 tags were left to distribute during the course of this year. Events to use tags: Benefit Fairs with UD with the Dept. of Diversity and Inclusions; lunch with Andrew…
  • IC Board Meeting June 23, 2015 Minutes
    In Attendance: Karen Asenavage, Ken Hyde, Frances O'Brien Reviewed Important Updates: Budget needs to be sent to Michelle by the end of the week (06/26) for next year.  Ken went over the budget summary and proposals for 2014/2015.  Karen provided reconciliation from year's events which ELI office sold tickets and netted profit.  The proceeds will…



Please click on the following attachments to view historical International Caucus Board Meeting Minutes.

International Caucus Meeting Minutes 1-7-2014

International Caucus Meeting Minutes 12-19-2013

International Caucus Board Meeting Minutes 9-11-13