Luncheon with Deputy City Manager Andrew Haines

Newark Deputy City Manager Luncheon with the International Caucus

Andrew S. Haines, the Deputy City Manager of Newark will visit the campus hosted by the International Caucus.

Deputy City Manager Haines will be talking about Newark summer and fall events, providing an update on city planning, and suggesting ways international faculty and staff can become involved in the greater Newark community.

The event will be held on Monday, June 13th at Catherine Rooney’s from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Lunch will be served.

Please RSVP here!

Trip to Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens 

Take a stroll through Longwood Gardens’. Tucked into a protected courtyard this beautiful outdoor Garden features aquatic plants from all over the world.

223074_Garden Highlights_Davis_ Harold _Hank_ _Longwood Volunteer Photographer_

Departure: 1:30pm from 318 S. College

Return: 6:00pm from Longwood Gardens

Cost: $17.00/person

To sign up and make payment: cash payments can be accepted at Ken Hyde’s office (108 E. Main Street, room 225a).  Exact change is appreciated, but not required.

Caucus Meetings of Nov 17 and Dec 16 2016 (Minutes)

*Minutes (Recorded by Noemi Murphy)

Meeting on 11/17/2015

International Education Week – tags came in time for the Festival of Nations on 11/16/15 – over 100 tags were left to distribute during the course of this year.

Events to use tags: Benefit Fairs with UD with the Dept. of Diversity and Inclusions; lunch with Andrew Haines in the Spring (?)


Do something during Alumni Weekend for the summer? Budget starts at the beginning of the Fall semester and ends by the end of the Spring Semester. Pre-pay in advance for the summer events or take the remaining balance of our budget and put it into a cash card – the cash card can be used in the summer.


New survey – has not been sent out, yet.  The previous survey was sent out referring to the MESA survey.

What are we trying to do/accomplish? Move forward with a Survey that is more simple. = How can we support you better?

ADVANCE grant – in order to do a survey for faculty and staff around other issues.


How do we get the list of emails?  – do we ask OISS? If so, we need to request permission through Ravi to pull the data.


How do we decide who is a member? -clarify membership.

Mailing list is a broadcast list that we use once or twice a year to let them know about the Caucus.  It would be better to ask who would like to sign up for emails and then only email the people who signed up.

Ask Amy is the Intl Caucus can be advertised on the UD Global website.  – advertise through the Global bulletin.


Website should show and advertise more events – pulling events from IGS, ELI, OISS – any event that is open to the international community.


Research Scholars who could be part of the board – think of someone who will stay here at UD for a while.



Meeting on 12/16/2015

VP Announcement:  Ana Kim is the new Vice Chair

Who do we represent: –> check with Sue Groff for the description of the caucus’ mission.

-International staff and faculty (non US citizens)

-Domestic faculty and staff – citizens with international background

-Graduate students who are employed by the university.  –>Travis will add this information on the website


Update Website:

  • Update information
  • Photo on the website of all members:  clarify positions on Caucus and on Campus.
  • IC board meeting –> minutes on the website
  • Social Media:  –> CPA protocols for new University’s account
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Provide a platform where people can connect. –> Add the link to the page     to a welcome bag.
  •  Connect with other caucuses
  •  Advertise the ICH
  •  Possible sponsorship of ICH in Spring 2016 ($200) -March 11
  • Survey Status and Timing
  • Add F-1 graduate students
  •  US citizens
  •  I was previously aware of the IC before receiving the survey
  •  Please select the social media tools that will beneficial for you
  •  What kinds of activities
  •  UD Welcomes the World (activities)
  •  IEW Festival of Nations
  •  Last question:  An online UD global community (any UD sponsored FB, IG,  Twitter accounts)
  •  Gender identification – Kim will look into this.
  •  Add a question:  Would you like to see more opportunities for members to take an active role with the IC?
  • Brainstorm “quick wins”
  •  Coffee crawl –> more down the road
  •  ICH sponsorship
  •  UD welcomes the world
  •  Andrew Haines – Deputy City Manager city of Newark –> mid February; or first week of May (preference).
  • Activities
  • 3/11 ICH
    •  Washington DC with ELI: the first (tot) amount of people to sign up for (less amount) $.
  • Employee benefits fair
  • BANNER:  check the price
  • Google Docs –> IC folder


UD Welcomes the World

0223_NAFSAThe University of Delaware continued to advance their involvement of internationalism as they hosted the 4th Annual UD Welcomes the World. The event took place on campus at the Office for International Students and Scholars, a location fit for such an important event. The evening proposed to welcome and honor all new international students, scholars and employees to the University of Delaware. The event exceeded expectations and signaled another momentous year ahead for the University. The International Caucus was proud to have the Caucus Chair, Frances O’brien, serve as Hostess of the event. Members of the International Caucus played an invaluable role in making UD Welcomes the World such a success.


This year the event attracted support from an unprecedented 13 co-sponsors, including: Office for International Students and Scholars, Office of Equity and Inclusion, Office of Admissions, Lerner College, College of Engineering, Office for Diversity, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, International Caucus, Institute for Global Studies, Graduate and Professional Education, English Language Institute, Residence Life and Housing, and the Latino/Hispanic Caucus. Guests were treated to remarks from Deputy Dean, K. Eric Wommack, Deputy Dean, Kristi L. Kick, and Associate Dean, Jack Baroudi who represented the College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, and Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, respectively. These words affirmed the importance of and the relevance that internationalism has to each department.


UD Welcomes the World helped set the tone of the University and reaffirm the direction that it is heading. The event acknowledged the University as winners of the 2015 Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Campus Internationalization. NAFSA defines the award as one which“…recognizes colleges and universities that are making significant, well-planned, well-executed, and well-documented progress toward comprehensive internationalization” (NAFSA). Receiving this award speaks volumes of the University and UD Welcomes the World helped reaffirm that. The International Caucus felt honored to be a part of the event and looks forward to another fruitful year serving the international population.