IC Board Meeting June 23, 2015 Minutes

In Attendance: Karen Asenavage, Ken Hyde, Frances O’Brien

Reviewed Important Updates:

  • Budget needs to be sent to Michelle by the end of the week (06/26) for next year.  Ken went over the budget summary and proposals for 2014/2015.  Karen provided reconciliation from year’s events which ELI office sold tickets and netted profit.  The proceeds will be allocated on a visa gift card and used for summer events.
  • Discussed transition of leadership and filling IC board, including the following for consideration:
    • The creation of 2 member-at-large positions, including an international Faculty member and an international Staff member, to represent their constituent groups.
    • Holding an election for these 2 positions
    • Filling the Secretary and Vice-Chair roles by strategic selection (not election by constituency)
    • Creation of a Past-Chair position on the Caucus
    • Creation of a social media position to assist with photos, social media updates, etc.


Brainstormed Goals for 2015-2016:

  • Health report on international hiring – May include a brief survey of the campus community to determine what stakeholders know about hiring international employees
  • Something Caucus-related in HR on-boarding packets
  • A training program for campus community that mirrors “allies” training, and focuses on supporting international visitors on campus in a culturally sensitive way.
  • An award of some kind which acknowledges the achievement of someone making strides toward internationalization and support of the International community
  • Engage constituency through more active social media presence, and appearance at Scholar Orientations and HR events

First Annual International Scholar Fair

Register for the International Scholar Fair

The First Annual International Scholar Fair will be held on May 8th at 44 Kent Way during the OISS coffee hour.  The purpose of the International Scholar Fair is to showcase the work of our current international scholars and employees, who are doing outstanding work in their departments and units across campus.  We are looking for participants!  Remember that you do not need to attend the event if you are unable.  You may simply submit a poster if you wish.  Register using the link above, and contact Frances O’Brien with any questions at frances@udel.edu.  We look forward to seeing you!