IC Board Meeting June 23, 2015 Minutes

In Attendance: Karen Asenavage, Ken Hyde, Frances O’Brien

Reviewed Important Updates:

  • Budget needs to be sent to Michelle by the end of the week (06/26) for next year.  Ken went over the budget summary and proposals for 2014/2015.  Karen provided reconciliation from year’s events which ELI office sold tickets and netted profit.  The proceeds will be allocated on a visa gift card and used for summer events.
  • Discussed transition of leadership and filling IC board, including the following for consideration:
    • The creation of 2 member-at-large positions, including an international Faculty member and an international Staff member, to represent their constituent groups.
    • Holding an election for these 2 positions
    • Filling the Secretary and Vice-Chair roles by strategic selection (not election by constituency)
    • Creation of a Past-Chair position on the Caucus
    • Creation of a social media position to assist with photos, social media updates, etc.


Brainstormed Goals for 2015-2016:

  • Health report on international hiring – May include a brief survey of the campus community to determine what stakeholders know about hiring international employees
  • Something Caucus-related in HR on-boarding packets
  • A training program for campus community that mirrors “allies” training, and focuses on supporting international visitors on campus in a culturally sensitive way.
  • An award of some kind which acknowledges the achievement of someone making strides toward internationalization and support of the International community
  • Engage constituency through more active social media presence, and appearance at Scholar Orientations and HR events