Camera and Card Reader Connection Kit

The Apple kit contains two connectors. One is an SD card reader for inserting your camera’s SD cards and importing photos to an app on your iPad. The other is a USB port for connecting your camera or iPhone (G3 not supported).

In addition to the Apple Camera Connection Kit, there are a number of third party options for you to consider.
If you have lots of older camera card formats, you may find a third party 5-in-1 card reader is an excellent option for you.


There are a number of keyboard options available for your iPad. These include various styles which provide full or partial coverage and come in hard or soft protective materials. Full-sized and mini keyboards are also available separately from iPad covers. Some of these roll up or collapse into their own cases for storing and easy portability. Keyboards connect via Bluetooth to your iPad.

Some of the iPad cases offer removable keyboards, this allow you to use your case as you would any other case. Some cases are hard shells these allow you to work in tight quarters, like your lap at airports. A few of the cases allow you to change the orientation of the iPad from landscape to portrait mode while still in the case.

Each type of keyboard has their pros and cons. The keyboard you choose will depend on your work style.
There are many makes and models to chose from so have a look at the reviews on line before you make up your mind.
Be sure to mind the date of the reviews since new and updated items come out everyday. Also, make sure when purchasing a case and a keyboard unit that it will work with your particular model of iPad.

Stylus/Tablet Pens

Like the keyboards, there are also a number of stylus options to choose form. In general, their design is the same. While construction quality is extremely important, as with any writing device, how it feels in your hand is also very important.
The stylus comes in various shapes, thickness and weights. Most have a large soft, rounded, rubbery conductive nib at the end. The nibs are designed for various uses. The majority are created for easier navigation, but others are designed with extra creativity in mind.

Some come with two nibs, the traditional rounded end and a thinner pen shaped end, which is better suited for handwriting and sketching. There is also a model with a clear rounded tip end with a little dot in the middle that allows for precise placement of the tip end for painting and drawing. For people who like to use their iPads for painting, there is a style with a brush on the end with conductive fibers.

There are many makes and models to chose from so have a look at the reviews online before you make up your mind.
Be sure to mind the date of the reviews since new items come out everyday.

Travel and Extra Charging Devices

Sometimes you will find you need an extra charging cable or a charging cable with extra features, especially if you are planning to take your iPad on the road or shuttle it back and forth between work and home.

There are all kinds of adaptors and cables to choose from. The most important thing to remember when considering a purchase is to be sure that the product has enough power to charge your device/s. The iPad 2, new iPad and 4s phones need more power (2.1A) than older models (1.1A). While their charging devices look the same, the insides are made differently.

When you are shopping for those lighter car adaptors, multi-device chargers, and similar cables, be sure that they have enough amps to do the charging on your particular device/s.

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