Pages is one of the three iWork apps that are Apple’s version of MS Office. It is for creating text document in addition to highly polished page layout creation app. Files can be imported and exported to and from Word and PDF formats.

There are some nice advanced features such as:

      • Change Tracking, to track changes to the body text in documents
      • Accept and reject changes as you review a document
      • Import Pages and MS Word docs with change tracking and to continue to tracking changes to the body text
      • Preserve tracked changes in docs exported in MS Word or Pages forma
      • Preserve calculations in tables when importing from and exporting to Pages for Mac

You can also get iWork for your Mac desktops and laptops from UDploy and it works really well with iCloud, so you can keep your docs in sync on your desktop and iPad.

Cost at this point in time the Pages iPad app is just under $10.

Get it at the Apps store:

Find out more about Pages at its web site:


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