InterGrad Leadership

Meet the Officers:

Kaleb Burch – President

Kaleb is a 3rd year doctoral student studying Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys running, listening to music, and telling stories.

Vaughn Chambers – Vice President

Vaughn is a 2nd year doctoral student studying Mechanical Engineering. He likes sports, being creative, and taking on a good challenge.

Rachel Burch – Secretary

Rachel is a 3rd year doctoral student studying Environmental Engineering. She likes dogs, spending time with friends, and being active outdoors.

Trevor Johnson – Community Coordinator

Trevor is a 2nd year masters student studying Music Performance with a concentration in Trumpet. He loves animals, watching movies, and being with friends.

Officer Duties:

Together, the following four positions function as a united leadership team to share the burden of work in each position and bounce ideas off of one another. No one is rigidly set in their role, but rather a member of a team that works together to lead our InterGrad group in a Christ-centered manner. In addition, it is important that we reiterate that InterGrad leadership, while in place to help the group run smoothly, are to be servants to, and work together with, other members of the group. Voices of all members of the group are equally important.
The president serves as the liaison between the University and InterGrad. They are responsible for leading the group and facilitating meetings with the group leadership team. The president is to lead the group and make decisions for the group with the consul of the group leadership team, seeking to act in the best interests of all group members.
The vice president serves as the right-hand man/woman for the president and will fill in for the president if ever the president is out or can not fulfill their duties. The vice president should actively seek to assist the president in their tasks in whatever way possible.
The group secretary is in charge of sending out weekly emails for the group, keeping up with the InterGrad email account and website, and taking notes during leadership meetings.
The community coordinator's job is to seek out opportunities for the group to be involved in events both within the group and outside of the group, including planning volunteer activities. The community coordinator is not solely responsible for planning these activities, but is in charge of helping the group identify some of these opportunities.