Online and In-Person Bible Study Information

As we are beginning to transition back to in-person after COVID-19, we will be meeting virtually as a group every first and third Monday night, and in-person ever second and fourth Monday night. We would love to have you join us for our next session!

Bible Study Meeting Times:

When: First and Third Monday Nights at 5:30pm – 7:00pm ET
Where: Online/VirtualĀ 

When: Second and Fourth Monday Nights at 5:30pm – 7:00pm ET
Where: In-Person at George Wilson Center Park Pavilion (will move indoors in the event of inclement weather)

Interested in joining us for Bible study? Please contact us for more information!


Bible Study Structure

Our weekly Bible studies are approximately 1.5 hours and are structured so that we have time for each of the following:

  • Fellowship: Learn more about each other and talk about our weeks as we wait for all members to arrive.
  • Announcements: Any group announcements are made before beginning the study.
  • Bible Reading and Review of Resources: We dive into the reading or resource we are using for our discussion that week.
  • Reflection and Discussion: We talk and ask questions about the Bible reading, video clip, etc. that we reviewed as a group. This is the majority of the time we spend together in Bible study.
  • Prayer: We close out our night with prayer requests and time together in prayer.