Inclusive Fashion

Designing and creating clothing for everybody.

Our Projects

3D Body Scanning: In order to make a more inclusive fashion industry, we are partnering with global apparel brands to create extensive sizing and fit standards. Participants will be compensated.

We are currently recruiting two main populations:

  • Individuals who identify as transfeminine, transmasculine, or non-binary (all ages)
  • Individuals with disabilities (all ages)

Contact for more information about participating in this study.

Clothing for LGBTQ+: We are designing undergarments, base layers, and/or swimwear to affirm gender identity.  Participants who identify as transgender or non-binary will be interviewed (in-person or via video chat) about clothing challenges & preferences.

Contact for more information about participating in this study.

Adaptive Fashion Initiative: We are conducting an ongoing design study to create functional fashion in all clothing categories (activewear, casual wear, formal wear, etc.) for children and adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.  Participants can dress independently or with assistance.

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