Creating inclusive apparel industry sizing standards and promoting independence through adaptive design.

Our Projects 

  • Jeans 2.0: Creating Fun & Functional Denim Jeans for Kids with Down Syndrome. Currently recruiting children with Down Syndrome aged 4-18 as well as typical children ages 4-18 (contact for more information).¬†
  • Enhancing Quality of Life: Exploring, identifying, and assessing dressing and toileting ADL challenges for families of young adults with moderate to severe disabilities.
  • Dressing for Independence: Designing clothing for individuals with upper extremity amputation. Currently recruiting for female participants aged 18-22 with upper extremity limb loss (contact for more information).
  • Pediatric Anthropometric Study: Body scanning babies to create accurate measurements for an apparel brands and research. Currently recruiting typical babies from birth to age 5 (contact for more information).
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