Medical Wearables

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Our Projects 

Passive/Dynamic AFO: We have developed an ankle-foot orthosis to help prevent drop foot during walking. The design is low-profile, comfortable, and customizable. Participants are being recruited who currently use an AFO and are able to wear test a customized design.

Contact for more information about participating in this study.

Lymphedema Study: We are working on creating a custom compression garment for women of all ages who suffer from lymphedema. The project goal is to design a comfortable, attractive, and modular garment. Participants will be 3D body scanned and wear test a custom sleeve.

Contact for more information about participating in this study.

M.A.M.A: In collaboration with area hospitals, we are developing a kangaroo care simulator for medically fragile and/or pre-term infants in the NICU.

SoreSaver: In collaboration with AI DuPont Hospital for Children, we are developing an e-textile that can detect the development of a pressure sore

Kellems Grip: We are building a custom braiding machine that in conjunction with our knitting machine, can create hybrid compression garments.

FashionAbled Walking Boot: We have built and tested an orthopedic walking boot, specific for Achilles Tendon rupture, that improves recovery outcomes while also looking stylish.

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