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The first thing most people want to do when they return home from a trip is relax. However, there are a few final steps you need to take to maintain information security.

Rerun anti-virus software

To safeguard against threats that may have affected your devices and software while you were traveling, run the most comprehensive anti-virus scans possible.

Change your passwords

Be sure to change the passwords for any accounts you used while abroad. Changing passwords will reduce the risk to your accounts in case hackers compromised any of your login credentials while you were traveling.

Restore or rebuild from backups

Security experts indicate that an important method of ensuring your system and data integrity is to rebuild your system from pre-trip backups after you return.

If you have been traveling with mobile devices and laptop computers that do not have any UD, confidential, or restricted information, you might risk skipping this step. However, if you are a UD employee working with export-restricted information or confidential information, you should rebuild your system to its pre-trip state.

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