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Q: I have an admit to UD, what do I do next?

Congratulations one getting an admit to the University of Delaware. Looks like you are on the right track as the first part of the answer is to read this page :).

Join the Facebook group and WhatsApp group as it might help you find other people who are going to join with you and speak to those who are already here. Also, follow us on all the social media platforms found on Contact Us page.

Q: Will I get a job after I complete my Masters in …?

There are some differences between the campus placements that you used to see in India and the University of Delaware, or any other non top 10 universities in the US.

In the US, one needs to look for a job on your own. People usually do this by

  1. Making a list of companies that you can apply to, look for acquaintances / friends who are already working in those companies.
  2. Brushing up on their interview skills
  3. Finally applying to different companies based on interest, and past professional/personal network.

These steps above would also depend on your major (CS/Biology/Business), and the kind of work you did while you were here. However, for a person doing masters in CIS, the following might be fairly accurate:

Computer and Information Sciences:

Most people would eventually get a job. The trick is to start thinking about it early, we have seen cases of students getting 3-4 offers by the time they graduate also of people who have had to wait almost 6-8 months after their graduation before they landed up with a job.

 The best trick to go about it is :

1) Attend the campus job fairs in the first semester itself (also to collect freebies) and to get an idea of how the companies go about recruiting. You will get a fair idea on how many companies are planning to take how many international students in the next one year.

2) Get your resume ready by the second semester and put your resume into the job fair. You know where your resume stands depending on how many call you back. Also, utilize resources from the University using Handshake.

3) Start desperately looking for internships as soon as you land into the States. An internship is a passport to full time job. A lot of students neglect putting effort for an internship just because they have a good RA position over summer.

4) Third semester: You must have a decent resume and a network of people (HRs and employees in the companies you are interested in). Start preparing for interview models for atleast half an hour everyday. Do it with your roommates so that you don’t get bored. It can take up to 6 months to land a good job. This time dress up well for the campus fair and know before hand what to speak in the 1 min introduction  that you give to the HR there.

5) Ideally by the beginning of final semester or mid way you will have a job either through the network or campus fair or campus job portal. No body has really got a job without working hard for it. Even in the bay area where there are zillion opportunities, I see students even from top 3 universities sitting and studying everyday in cafe for interviews.

Q. Will I get an On-Campus Job?

Once you arrive on the campus you can start looking for an on campus job. In most cases it should not be too difficult to get one. Having a email account is very important, so it is best to hold off on applying before you get the account. Also, go over this link where you can find Part-Time Jobs and Handshake too.

Q. I heard the Indian student count in UDel is very low and so serving as an RA, TA or GA is highly probable. Is that true?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It depends a lot which department you are coming into, or the kind of skills that you bring in (technical as well as being resourceful are equally important). If the above factors are the same then it also depends on the nomber of people that come in during your batch.

Q. Will I get funded (RA/TA/GA)?

The simple answer to that question is unfortunately “We don’t know”. But the more complicated answer is the same as the answer above.

Q. How will I get an apartment to stay in, how much would it cost …?

IGSA has collected and put all the information onto Google Sheets which can be found here.

Q. How will I get an advisor?

You would be assigned one based on your area of interest and the amount of time available to the professor. You could change the advisor if your interest changes. To check your advisor, visit and log on to, click on UDSIS for students and then Degrees and Advisement.

Q. How is Newark to live as a graduate student life?

Student life is perfect as the campus is located in a peaceful quite area which makes studying easy. A lot of accommodation options are available around the campus so living here won’t be a problem. Delaware is a tax free state so cost of living is not so high and eventually you land up saving money. As far as recreational activities are considered its not much of a happening place because of the location but we are very close to some of the very exciting cities (New York City, Washington D.C., Philly).

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