Here are the entries (in alphabetical order) we received and the reason for that name.

  • Aashray / Ashray : Ashray means – “Shelter”. We as IGSA provide shelter(Support- emotionally and socially) to students from our country.
  • Bhumi / Bhoomi : “Bhumi has several meanings. It can be seen as the Earth or the land. Bhumi is the essence of our being. She reminds us of who we are and that we’re connected to the rest of the world. Bhumi is why we’re here.
    I can also suggest synonyms in case this name is taken by some other IGSA. I searched and came up with nothing though.
    Other names: ” Avni, Bhoo, Kshiti, Dhara. “
  • Manam : Manam means – “WE” in Telugu, symbolizes gathering.
  • Samvaad : Samvaad is sanskrit for `dialogue’. IGSA serves as a platform for indian community to interact among themselves, and with other communities as well. Hence the name.
  • Sangam : “Sangam means confluence: a place where “”rivers”” meet and flow together as one thereafter. This name suits the IGSA as it serves as platform for Indian students to meet and interact with each other. The different rivers signify the diverse backgrounds of the students.
    In context of India, the meeting place of the three holy rivers in Allahabad is known as Sangam. Another example is the Tamil Sangams – a meeting place of tamil scholars and poets which has inspired political, social and literary movements in Tamilnadu (source: wiki).
    Downside: MIT’s IGSA has this name.”
  • Sitara : We are stars in our own way! And we shine like them too! 🙂
  • Surabhi : “The meaning of the word is Fragrance we can associate that with essence. No matter where we go and what we do, our identity as an Indian is always the essence to our being. “
  • Swara : Swara means a note or shining. I think it’s apt because it represents the voices of all the students together in the form of a community. Plus it’s easy to pronounce.
  • UDwasi : UD with advanced students from India : “The name translates to – “”the one that belongs to UD””. We in UD are proud to be Indian and be a part of this esteemed establishment. I would like to be called a UDwasi as I have spent a long time here and I feel one who realizes how great this place is, one starts to enjoy life here. “
  • UinDian

Timeline –
Voting Begins : February 22, 2015.
Voting Closes : February 27, 2015.
Results            : February 27, 2015.

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