Program Structure

The International Coaching Apprenticeship in Basketball (ICAB) program is an intensive coaches’ education training course that consists of three modules:

Module I (June to October 2023) will be a virtual hybrid model that will utilize synchronous and asynchronous sessions that will include lectures with leaders and coaches of intercollegiate basketball in the US as well as group work and practical assignments related to their current coaching environment.  Sessions will be offered twice a month.

Virtual Model Topics

Course Introduction and Participant Introduction
College Basketball: A Conference and NCAA Perspective
College Basketball: A Conference and NCAA Perspective
The college basketball coach:  Philosophy, leadership, staffing, planning, yearly schedule, role on campus and in community, culture.
The NBA Perspective General Manager’s Perspective on Basketball in the United States
The G League: Its role in player development and relationship to college basketball
Preparing Players for College: High School, Club, and individual player development environments
Analytics to Drive Performance:
Integrated sport science:  Statistics, video, sport science and tracking to drive performance
Division I College Basketball Programs and the University
Coaching in the USA: An International Coaches Perspective and Experience:
College Coaches Panel

Module II, is a two-day program at the University of Delaware to prepare participants for their apprenticeship experience with the intercollegiate basketball program.

Module III consists of a three-week apprenticeship with a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I men’s and or women’s basketball program. This module will provide the opportunity for the candidates to shadow, observe and interact with the coaching staff of that program. NCAA rules prohibit the participants from training the players. The candidates will maintain a log of the experience, execute several assigned projects, participate in a weekly online seminar, and develop a presentation on how they plan on implementing ideas from the experience into their coaching and team development.

Activities will include:

Observing team and individual training and practice sessions as well as strength and conditioning sessions
Being on or near the bench during scrimmages and contests to observe timeouts and halftime talks.
Conducting statistical analysis of practice and or game for the team.
Shadowing members of the coaching staff in those activities/ responsibilities away from training that would be deemed appropriate (e.g., staff meetings, video breakdown sessions, press conferences, speaking engagements with external groups, etc.).
Interacting and discussing sport-specific coaching topics with staff.
Participating in coaching development opportunities away from the site (e.g., coaching clinics, visiting other knowledgeable coaches).

Module IV will be a three-day program that consists of a final presentation by the participants on their experiences and a trip to an NBA franchise.

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