Why Get an Energy Assesment?

Industrial Energy Assessments


Any industrial or manufacturing plant interested in improving building energy efficiency, cutting operating costs,  lowering their environmental impact, and providing an educational opportunity for our future engineers should seriously consider having an industrial energy assessment done by us, the Mid-Atlantic Industrial Assessment Center!

Now, it’s only an assessment, so there is no need to do any of the energy-saving recommendations that we (with your help) find. It’s also FREE! (But you have to buy us lunch! We like pizza, in case you were wondering…)

Did I mention that the assessment is free?

What We Assess:

  • All HVAC Systems
  • All Lighting Systems
  • Building Automation System and Controls
  • Building Envelope Thermal Imaging
  • Steam and Compressed Air Performance
  • Heat Recovery Options
  • Energy Management Systems, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Chillers, Boilers, Pumps
  • Air Handling Units, Cooling Towers

How Our 100+ Clients Have Benefited:

  • 10%-30% Energy Bill Reductions
  • Lighting and HVAC Performance Enhancements
  • Increased Building Comfort Levels
  • Longer Equipment Lifespan
  • Improved Building Operations

How We (U. Delaware IAC) Benefit:

  • Educational Opportunity
  • Professional, “Real World” Experience
  • Plus, we have fun!


There is nothing to lose with conducting an energy assessment! Please consider giving us an opportunity to visit your plant.

Lastly, do not forget to ask around.  We’ve done over 100 energy assessments in this area. Nationwide, our IAC’s have done thousands of assessments, finding millions of dollars worth of energy savings!

Gordon Schweitzer