Fabrizio Sergi

Graduate students

Andrea Zonnino
Ph.D. student – BME
  Andria J. Farrens
Ph.D. student – BME
Robert McGrath
Ph.D. student – BME
  Steve Buchanan
M.S. student – ME
Rebecca  Nikonowicz
Ph.D. student – BME
Haider Chishty
Ph.D. student – ME
Paria Arfa
M.S. student – BIOMS


Graduate students

Andrew P. Borowski, MechE Masters (05/2018)

Undergraduate students

Jordan Rampolla, BME undergraduate student (Winter 2018 – Summer 2019)
Jonathan (Mitch) Stuchlik, BME undergraduate student (Fall 2017 – Fall 2018)
Rachel Marbaker, Lafayette College, REU student, (Summer 2018)
Samantha Scheid, BME undergraduate student, (Fall 2017)
Amanda Studnicki, BME undergraduate student (Winter 2017 – Winter 2018)
Andrew Dirks, BME undergraduate student (Fall 2016 – Spring 2018)
Alex Metz, BME undergraduate student (Summer 2017 – Winter 2018)
Emily Patterson, Louisiana State University – REU student (Summer 2017)
Gemma Ciabattoni, MechE undergraduate student (Winter 2016 – Spring 2017)
Margaret Pires-Fernandes, Univ. of Florida – REU student (Summer 2016)
Elaida Dimwamwa, Univ. of Pennsylvania (Summer 2016)
Elspeth Grasso, UD Summer Scholar (Summer 2016)
Stephen S. Buchanan, MechE undergraduate student (Fall 2015)
Michael Furr, MechE undergraduate student (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)

Interested in joining the HuRo Lab? We are always interested in hiring new members for positions as undergraduate research assistant and graduate student. Highly sought skills in prospective lab members are intellectual curiosity and dedication to excellence. Demonstrated experience in mechatronic/robotic systems design, biosignal processing, experimental design, control of dynamic systems are preferred. Prospective graduate and undergraduate students (Bachelor or Masters Degrees in Mechanical, Biomedical or Electrical Engineering are preferred) are invited to apply sending a curriculum vitae and academic transcript. Prospective visiting graduate students are invited to send a curriculum vitae, and the pdf of a co-authored research paper. All applications or inquiries can be sent via email 

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