UD HTE Facility

On the left-side of our glove-box we have a dry storage area specifically for the storage of our preplated ligands. We currently have >400 preplated ligands stored and ready for use.

The right chamber of our glovebox is much larger with an additional 3-glove port extension. The left section of this glovebox is specifically for running reaction on the designated stir plates. We have pipettes of all sizes along with a multi-channel pipetter for more quickly setting up commplicated reaction mixtures.

To further automate the complicated process of running 96 reactions similtaneously we have invested in a solid and liquid handling robot. The solids robot was custom built for our purposes by JKEM. The liquid handling robot was purchased from BioDot. These two robots have allowed for our users to setup complex mixtures over the plate and then to walk away and ensure incredible accuracy in the dispensation of the reagents.

Analytical Instruments

Our SFC/MS is a Water(model) with a QDa (MS). This model has the ability to read directly from 96-well plates which allows us to easily bring our experiments directly into analytics. We also have an 8 column changer which allows for rapid development of seperation of enantiomers.

We have a Waters LC/MS which allows for reverse-phase seperation of the compounds from a 96-well plate. We have a variety of columns to allow for easy switching to generate a highly optimized run. We also have semi-prep abilities for the isolation of compounds.

We have an agilent GC-FID with a PAL autosampler that can sample from a 96-well plate.