The goals of the High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) Center at the University of Delaware are to enable high throughput chemical experimentation, including compound library synthesis, reaction development, and collection of data sets for statistical model development. We seek to do to this through the use of our extensive library of chiral and achiral ligands, automated and manual tools for reaction set-up, and analytical instrumentation for detection of products with a range of molecular weights, stabilities, and polarities. Initially funded by a UNIDEL grant received by Dr. Don Watson and Dr. Mary Watson, we are currently in the pilot phase for this lab and actively working to recruit new users and implement a charging model. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about using or collaborating with our facility.

Services Offered

Design, running, and analysis of 24- and 96-well plates, including for:
– Ligand screening
– Reaction optimization
– Library synthesis

LC-MS, SFC-MS, and GC-FID method development

LC-MS, SFC-MS, GC-FID, and GC-MS analysis

For more information, please visit our iLab site.

Training on facility instrumentation and on running HTE plates should be requested through iLab.


Funding Sources

UNIDEL: High-Throughput Instrumentation Core to Accelerate Discovery

NIGMS IDeA Program CoBRE P20GM104316