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High Throughput Experimentation Facility


Our Mission

This newly established HTE facility has a mission to provide a platform for researchers to access our extremely diverse ligand library. Initially funded by a UNIDEL grant received by Dr. Don Watson and Dr. Mary Watson, this facility is designed allows you to run µmol scale reactions in a 96-well plate format. With the ability to analyze a 96-well plate in an automated manner using GC, reverse phase LC/MS, or SFC/MS we allow for the researcher to look at a wide variety of reactions and product stabilities.

Ligands on Demand

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Enabling Chemistry

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HTE Resources

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124 Lammont du Pont Lab

Department of Chemistry & BioChemistry

University of Delaware Newark, DE 19716

Contact Us

Jessica Sampson, PhD

Manager of HTE Facility

302 831 3093