“Main Street, I Love You!” by Lauryn Magill

Main Street is a part of the University of Delaware that deserves endless recognition.  When I first drove down the long stretch of restaurants and shops, I was in awe.  Coffee, ice cream, cookies, pizza, movies, and more;… Read More

“Hamilton: An American Musical” by Jennifer Most

This past summer, I went to go see Hamilton on Broadway in New York City. This musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and his relationship with the other founding fathers through a series of musical numbers and… Read More

“Don’t Forget to Explore!” by Lauryn Magill

UD has an interesting statue near the center of campus: a stone book with one page carved with symbols of science, art, and literature, and the next page blank.  There are many interpretations of the statue (and to… Read More

Meet The Editors: Heather Brody

Getting My Hair Wet in 2016 I loved going to the pool when I was younger. My friends and I would meet up and walk through the locker rooms together, speed-walking to the chairs with the most shade… Read More

Going Abroad: Exploring a New Place or a Journey Within Myself?

When I first applied to study abroad for winter session 2016, I didn’t really think too hard about it. Going abroad was something everyone seemed to recommend and I figured, ‘why not? – It would be a neat… Read More

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