“The Nostalgia of Fall” by Shannon Murphy

Here in Delaware, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the most beautiful aspects of all four seasons: snowy ground each winter, cherry blossoms for spring, sunny beaches in the summer, and the changing leaves of… Read More

“Checking In: One Year After Applying to UD” by Shannon Murphy

While on the plane heading back to Florida for spring break, I found myself aimlessly browsing through the saved documents on my laptop. That is how I stumbled upon something that I had tried to block from my… Read More

“Time” by Shannon Murphy

A few months ago I heard something really inspiring during, of all places, a TV commercial: “Time is infinite and yet we’re always running out of it.” It’s quite a paradox. Time is perhaps the only thing that… Read More

“On Journaling” by Shannon Murphy

R.I.P. to the many (many) New Year’s resolutions that I’ve abandoned mid-January, left to rot in a wasteland of dumbbells and green smoothies and motivational quotes. However, a surprising turn of events: in 2016, I did something right…. Read More

“A Case for Concerts” by Shannon Murphy

One of my favorite memories is of a concert at a theater in my hometown. The venue is richly decorated in Baroque style, with red marble pillars and gilded gold trim decorating the ceiling. Cherubs regard the stage… Read More

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