Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: The Gym

Earlier this semester, I wrote on the blog about the beautiful new “Carpenter Sports Building,” aka Little Bob (aka I just call it the gym). I’m still impressed with this new facility, but also with how well attended… Read More

What the Kids are up to Today (Social Media)

Our generation has been called, among other titles, “the social media generation.” It’s hard to dispute this label, because most of us spent a good deal of time with accounts on social networking sites in our formative teenage… Read More

From Russell to Writing…

  (Disclaimer: I was not asked by anyone in UDHP to write this! I’m just very happy with this activity and would encourage any invited students to look into the WF program!) This title probably made no sense… Read More

Ruby Reviews the Renovations

  These freshmen don’t know how good they’ve got it…UD has unveiled some pretty amazing renovations and brand new buildings this fall. While I’m so jealous that the Class of 2017 gets four whole years to enjoy them,… Read More

I’ll Never Forget that Day in 4th Grade

  I suspect that most college students instinctively knew what my title references. That speaks to how ingrained the memory of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks is in the minds of my generation. As I’m writing this,… Read More

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