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“The End of the Year & My Spotify Wrapped” by Lauren Mottel

Published on: Author: hayleyw

There is something special about December. It holds a certain nostalgia from childhood that is almost tangible — the warm, gentle glow of a fireplace; being bundled in a love of family and friends; the wafting scents of gingerbread and pine; that feeling you get where the clouds hang heavy and the air smells like… Continue reading

“The Anatomy of a College Freshman” by Lauren Mottel

Published on: Author: hayleyw

Picture this: the sun starts to peek out from the horizon, casting a warm glow on the autumn leaves, and a golden light trickles in through the window as you open your eyes, stretch, and sigh, basking in the warmth. You have a feeling it’ll be a good day today. You hear birds chirping, and—well,… Continue reading

“Woman at War: A Lesson in Power” by Chris Hope

Published on: Author: hayleyw

In today’s world, we are bombarded with the concept of impending doom, though we tend to meet that bombardment with complacency. If the world is falling apart—the planet melting before us—and those in charge do little to nothing to stop this collective drowning, what are we to do as common people? Various methods exist to… Continue reading

“Side Notes: So What’s the Tea on Coffee?” By Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: schiff

Back to school means back to the grind – in more ways than one! As the sun rises on a brand new semester, the annual return to campus comes with its own renaissance of caffeine-craving young adults withstanding long, arduous queues every morning for their fixes of various brews and blends.  Although it may seem… Continue reading