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Jumping Time Zones- My College Story

My name is Shannon Poulsen and I was born and raised in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I am a student who actively chose to move from the beautiful, windy city that I love to Newark, DE, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.


Shannon shows us her UD pride!

Shannon shows us her UD pride!

I am a girl of many tastes. In high school, I was involved in so many activities that to list them brings me over my word count. I knew that to keep myself happy, I needed a school that could offer me all the opportunities that I wanted.


Coming into my second year of college, I’m the Public Relations chair for Riot Act Improv, a blogger for the Honors Program, an Orientation Leader, a writer for the Black Sheep, and an actor, writer, and director for the Biweekly Show (a satire news show through STN 49). I dove right into the ocean of opportunities I found at Delaware.


What most people find interesting, however, is not my involvement. They don’t ask me about the atmosphere of UD, nor the academic challenges, my majors or minors, where I live on campus. They always ask me, “How/why did you chose UD if you’re from Chicago?”


College can be whatever you make it, and for me, it was, and still is, an opportunity to grow. I knew I wanted to jump out and reach someplace new. If I physically stretched my boundaries, then I could stretch myself to be an even better student in college.


One day, I got a letter in the mail from UD. I laughed at the concept of saying “Yeah, I go to Delaware!” and cheering for the “Mighty Blue Hens!” After some research, I realized the school had merit. Lots of merit, in fact, and also contained a lot of the things I was looking for. I decided to visit the school to weigh it against others.


Now. This you might have read somewhere else from another writer who might have had to sound as persuasive as possible, but here is the honest truth. I chose UD because of a feeling. When I stepped onto campus, I felt excited! I had butterflies! I had visited multiple other schools and none of them made me feel like I had a crush. The best part is that my crush on the university is reciprocated. UD loves me back. We’re in a happy and healthy relationship that everyone can achieve.

I am a firm believer that college is what you make of it. You can have a good time no matter where you go as long as you have a positive attitude and try to make it work. I absolutely love my experience here at UD and would not change anything.


As for the distance, sometimes you need to leave home to find what makes you truly, truly happy. I’ll forever be glad that I did.

~Shannon Poulsen


6 Quick Lessons from an Orientation Leader

This past summer, I worked for the University as an Orientation Leader. The NSO program not only provided me the best job I EVER had, it also showed me the extent of resources we have here on campus. I did not know about half of the programs UD has to offer here until I was trained to share it with freshmen. So whether you’re a freshmen or an up-and-coming senior, I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to aid you while navigating your next school year.

1. Getting sick in college is different. Avoid it and learn how to take care of yourself if you do get sick.

We have the HENS program to get you fit, the Office of Student Wellness and Health Promotion to help you avoid getting sick, and finally the Student Health Center in case you do. Do you know how much our health center has to offer? Truly?
If you’re sick, just pop online and make an appointment to come in. Got a cold? They have cold care packages! Grab some soup at Perkins and relax at home- you’ll be healthy in no time.

2. With over 300 RSOs, you can and should try something. Even something new!

Forget the fact that joining an extra-curricular activity improves students academically and just think: IT’S FUN! The best decision I’ve made in college is to audition for my improv troupe, Riot Act. I love my troupe so much and all that we do. I also loved getting involved in the Honors program through the Freshmen Fellows program. I learned so much about the Honors program and how it works. Getting involved gives you skills and knowledge that you just don’t get in a classroom. Bonus: a guaranteed group of friends. Get involved and make those college memories.

3. Don’t be afraid of the big dogs

Do you think that President Harker has any idea who I am? No. BUT. He was giving the morning speech for NSO one day and I decided, “Hey. Just because he’s this extremely intelligent, busy, important man doesn’t mean I can’t talk to him.” So I joked around with him and he laughed. President Harker is a normal guy. Your Dean is a normal person as well. Eat at Walter’s Café and you might run into someone “important.” Strike up a conversation and make their day. They might make your day later on.

4. Go to Football games, paint your body, and lose your voice.

We got a new coach and the football players are extremely kind.

5. UDairy ice cream is a gift from God.

Eat it as often as you can.

6. The Office of Academic Enrichment wants to fight the academic battle with you- go to them for help! Seriously!

There are so many other things about the university I learned from NSO I wish I could include. However, it’s best that you learn some things on your own. That way, you can look back on what you did wrong, how you survived, and laugh at it the way I did my entire freshman year.

~Shannon Poulsen

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