“Just Keep Swimming”

What Did UDo over Spring Break? As much as we anxiously awaited Spring Break, it came and went so quickly! Now, we are back to the studying grind as we enter the final stretch of our academic year,… Read More

“Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Make Your Lives Extraordinary”

What do UDo … to stay involved? College is a time to experience brand new opportunities.  Besides the academics aspect, there is also the extra-curricular side of the college lifestyle.  In high school, most students are heavily involved… Read More


For the next few posts, I have decided to introduce a new series called, “What do UDo?” where I will finish the question differently for each post about some different things UD Honors students do.  If you have… Read More

“There’s No Place Like [Russell]!”

Congratulations to Dhara and Heather T for coming up with the movie my last post title was from (Casablanca)! Any guesses for the origin of this week’s title? While my time in the Honors Program has been rather… Read More

“I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship”

Hello Honors Program! My name is Hannah Tattersall and I am a freshman communication interest major from Hockessin, Delaware.  I am so excited to be able to write a blog for the Honors Program every week! For my… Read More

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